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At&t Wireless Agreement

AT&T will not provide you with monthly invoices. You can access your account on our website, through the myAT&T app, by calling customer service or by visiting an AT&T store. You are responsible for paying all fees for the Services provided under this Agreement (for example.B. Subsection 1.9), including all fees charged to anyone to whom you authorize direct or indirect access to your Device, even if you have not authorized the use. These include, but are not limited to, (a) access fees; (b) User Fees; (c) fees for features and/or add-ons; (d) taxes, fees and other duties imposed by the Government that we are required to collect and transfer to the Government; (e) other fees and charges in accordance with att.com/mobilityfees; and (f) surcharges we collect and retain from our customers, including, but not limited to, federal or state preservation fees, regulatory fees, and government taxes or fees levied on gross revenues, sales, and/or goods incurred by us to provide services to our customers. In some jurisdictions, certain recurring fees or taxes are included in the pricing plan fee each month in accordance with applicable national or local laws. For more information, see att.com/shop/en/wireless/prepaidE911.html. If your WI device is used for roaming on other carrier networks, AT&T`s off-grid usage restrictions apply. Messaging services and international roaming are not supported by AT&T Wireless Internet service. If you use a wireless pricing plan with your WI device that is not designed for AT&T`s wireless Internet service, AT&T reserves the right to upgrade you to an appropriate plan and charge you the fees associated with that plan. To enable and maintain your wireless service, you must have a mailing address in the United States and be located in the own and operated network coverage area of AT&T, its assignee or successor. Our coverage maps can be found in att.com/coverageviewer.

There are gaps in coverage maps, which, by their very nature, are only approximations of actual coverage. Please note that even in your coverage area, many things can affect the availability and quality of your wireless service, including but not limited to network capacity, your device, pricing plan, terrain, buildings, foliage, and weather conditions. Wireless services or some wireless technologies (p.B 5G) are not always available in all regions. We use different network technologies in our wireless network and not all devices work with all wireless technologies. We do not guarantee that you will receive any particular network capacity at any given time, including a specific network speed. Actual network speeds depend on device characteristics, network technology, availability, coverage, tasks, file properties, applications, and other factors. AT&T may take all necessary measures to protect AT&T`s wireless network, ensure compliance with this Agreement, and prevent and/or stop prohibited use of the network. You acknowledge and agree that AT&T is not an insurer of its AT&T products and services and cannot guarantee the accuracy of your information or the confidentiality or security of your AT&T accounts. In addition, you understand and agree that we have no control over the actions and behavior of third parties and that you are in the best position to protect your personal information and protect your AT&T accounts from unauthorized access. AT&T provides telecommunications services and you agree that AT&T is not responsible for any losses arising from your use of your AT&T radio number or any other AT&T service by you or any third party as a source of authentication or verification in connection with social media, emails, financial accounts, cryptocurrency or other. You also acknowledge and agree that AT&T has the right to limit the scope and scope of its potential liability to you to the fullest extent possible, and that at&T`s ability to contractually limit its potential liability to its customers allows it to offer and provide its AT&T products and services at fair and reasonable prices.

Accordingly, AT&T and its parents, subsidiaries and affiliates, and their officers, employees, agents, partners, licensors, successors and assigns, will not be liable to you or any authorized or unauthorized user or beneficiary of AT&T products and services to the fullest extent permitted by law for indirect products and services, incidental, special, consequential, triple, punitive or exemplary damages for any reason. If you`ve signed up for an unlimited data plan from AT&T, you agree that “unlimited” means you`ll pay a one-time monthly flat rate for wireless data service, regardless of how much data you use. You further agree that “unlimited” does not mean that wireless data is transmitted at a certain speed or that you may use AT&T`s wireless data service in any manner you choose or for prohibited uses of the network. If you use your unlimited data plan in a prohibited manner, AT&T may restrict, restrict, suspend, or terminate your data service. We can also migrate you from the unlimited data plan to a tiered data plan and charge you the corresponding monthly fee. We will notify you of this change at least one billing period in advance, either by an invoice message, email, SMS or other appropriate means. Depending on the Internet service you purchase, your Internet service may include Wi-Fi-enabled home network devices (“Wi-Fi Devices”) so that you can wirelessly connect Wi-Fi to your Internet service (“Home Wi-Fi” or, for business customers, “Local Wi-Fi”). AT&T may also provide additional and optional Internet-related equipment for sale or rent in connection with your Service, e.B. various types of home network devices (e.B. Wi-Fi Extender.